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The Force of 6 Sales Tools in one Tablet

Forza6 helps managing your salesreps' network: from product presentation to the order collection synchronized with your ERP. Starting at 29.99$/month per Rep.

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catalogo ipad Catalog

Price lists, categories, product, related products, all you need to improve the presentation to the customer.

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orders ipad Orders

Add to cart, replicating OFFLINE the most complex conditions , send a pdf with the order and import it in your ERP.

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documentation ipad Documents

View and send to customers: PDF, movie, images, word, excel and powerpoints to create emotions or explain your product.

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crm ipad CRM

Contacts, schedules and activities, a simple and intuitive tool to organize your sales without ever losing any data.

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reports ipad Reports

Your personal sales statistics pushed tou your tablet (sales, activities, budget, commissions, outstanding debts).

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catalogo ipad Geotargeting

Identifies business opportunities closest to you (customer prospets, etc..) and discover how to reach them best.

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