How it Works?

Forza6 is a Modular App. Each of the 6 modules has been designed with one goal in mind: Improving the sales process!
How? Improving communication between Company and the SalesRep and between SalesRep and the Customer.

App Module Your SalesRep's Advantages Your Company's Advantages
catalogo ipad
All price lists, categories and product data sheets,related products always always available on the iPad
Engage better your customers cross-selling and reducing the catalog production and delivery costs.
catalogo ipad
Browse each document without exiting the APP (PDF, video, images, word, excel powerpoint and html5)
Send instantly a new document to you SalesRep and keeps track of its delivery to end customers.
catalogo ipad
Add to cart, replicating OFFLINE the most complex conditions.
Aquire an order faster, sending a pdf with the customer and import it in your ERP.
catalogo ipad
Manage Customers, prospects, and all sales activities.
Keep all activities History for each customer and manage all the activities of your sales network
catalogo ipad
Get instant reporst on Budget, Sales, commissions, shipping, overdue payments etc.
Automatically Push reports to your SalesRep iPad. Stop receiviving calls from them.
catalogo ipad
Show geographically based on your location potential customers or leads
Always challenge the sales network with business opportunities in their area
+9 AddOns
Client Server Modules
Developed by Forza6 or by our network of development partners
Robust infrastructure
Use at your benefit our robust technology infrastructure

catalogo ipad Offline

Forza6 works without internet connection. You can use the app anywhere. Just go back to the civilized world to reconnect

catalogo ipad All in One

This app will assist with the entire sales process, including: Catalogs, Orders /Quotations, Documentation, Client, Tasks, Reporting, and Geotargeting.

catalogo ipad Integration

we are ready. We can quickly integrate to your ERP (SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft) with a pre-packaged and fixed price integration plan.

catalogo ipad 100% Customizable

We custom develop additional modules to suit your business needs. You do not have to revolutionize the process of your business, Forza6 shapes around you.

catalogo ipad Multilanguage

Our app was created in Italy but is READY available in 35 languages.

catalogo ipad Enterprise Ready

You will not find Forza6 on the AppStore, We custom compile and personalize it for your company through the iOS Enterprise license

1 Total Security

Our data center is manned by a dedicated security (both physical and online)

2 Zero Hardware - Zero Software

The customer does not have to buy new servers, new software, and has no installation costs.

3 No Surprises

There are no hidden costs, the price is all-inclusive. A simple yearly invoice for total deductible services

4Remote Backup

Backups are performed regularly in a security data center in another continent than yours.

5 Total reliability

Our infrastructure is a Cloud, if a server breaks in real time is replaced by another.

6 Banda Larghissima

The servers are connected to the Internet With high speed lines from multiple suppliers.

7Data Privacy Policy

100% confidentiality of all data with a Data Privacy policy "Without Compromise".

8 Fast Assistance

At Forza6 we access our private cloud instantly, and therefore we can reduce the time for assistance.

9 Customer Alignment

Under a system of annual service fee, a customer renews the contract only if it is satisfied.

10 Less Cost

By renting instead of buying the software, it costs a quarter of its competitors, and best of all you are only tied for a year... not forever!

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